Electrical services

Full range of services to provide reliable, uninterrupted electricity distribution to all electrical equipment. 

Electrical integrity

Reliable, uninterrupted electricity supply to and from your electrical equipment, whether it's motors, generators, transformers, lighting or electrical tracing, is essential to all production facilities. Failure through wear and tear isn't an option, as that could jeopardize production and lead to unsafe situations. 

The ongoing electrification of assets will also require the cost-effective expansion of the existing electrical infrastructure.

Integrated services

Our E&I experts design, construct, assemble, install, maintain, inspect, diagnose and modify your electrical installations.  All of this combined enables Stork to support and optimize your plant's performance.

We make sure that they are all systems are compliant with industry and HSE regulations and standards.  We also provide new designs or can update existing drawings, as per your requirements for every change we make. 

Delivering these complete solutions in a safe, professional and effective manner will give you one less thing to worry about.

How we make the difference!

One-stop shop

From low voltage to 30kVA … from engineering to installation, maintenance, inspection, diagnostics to decommissioning  

Regulatory knowledge

ATEX, SIL, NEN 1010 / 3140 / 3840 and other standards … we understand when & how to apply them 

Fast & responsive

Quick fault finding, diagnostics and remediation of the situation 

Diversity and speciality We go both wide and deep: we have the skills, knowledge and experience to successfully deliver you E&I solutions

Proven expertise in electrical services

Client referencePump Station Electrification DPO
Stork has made in full back to back order with Fluor all the (detailed) engineering and design for multiple installations, including electrical and instrumentation services.
WebinarWebinar | Electrification
Transitioning to a lower-carbon production through electrification The financial and environmental benefits for industrial companies of using electricity instead of fossil fuels are increasing. 
Client referenceRenewal Distillation Unit PID5 - Koole Terminals
Stork was main contractor for the whole operation and provided the Piping & Mechanical and Electrical & Instrumentations teams.

Upgrade E&I at Vopak Antwerp

Updating the electrical installation at the terminal in Antwerp

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