Independent assessment of a facility and benchmarking with industry standards.

Challenge the status quo

Asset owners are constantly challenged by changing external conditions: changing competition, demand, technologies, supply chains and legislation. Add to that internal factors like ageing assets, workforce, procedures, tools and automation, and rapidly they find themselves in 'fire fighting' mode or frantically trying to maintain lists of initiatives that only get longer and longer.

Independent assessment

It could be time to take a step back and do a comprehensive assessment of your as-is situation and to benchmark it with competition. This will provide you with unique insights on where you are strong and where truly more attention is needed. This allows you to resize and focus your initiatives, putting you back in control.

We help clients by providing asset management scans and benchmarks.

How we make the difference!

ISO55000 Endorsed Trainer Stork is registered at the Institute of Asset Management (IAM) in London as endorsed trainer in ISO55000. All Stork assessors are trained by IAM which guarantees consistency and high quality of services.
Knowledge management Stork has an international Asset Management Community which provides access to global and leading practices in asset management, through our 'Knowledge On Line' system. 
Pragmatic solutions Our consultants are capable of translating asset management gaps into pragmatic and proven improvements and support with hands on implementation services.   

Proven expertise in assessments

AssessmentAsset Management self-scan

Complete our 20-minute self-scan and receive an assessment of your asset management strengths & weaknesses. 

Based on your results, we can share a benchmark of your as-is situation against the industry reference and establish a baseline for future improvement.

Client referenceAsset Management Peru electrical plant
Stork was responsible for initiating the operation of the plants and to do so, implemented a long term management model for the Wärtsilä plants based on three main areas
Client referenceDSM anti-infectives maintenance outsourcing
Stork designed and executed a change plan implementing a fit-for-purpose maintenance management system, after an assessment of the facility and benchmarking with industry standards was made.
Referentie van de klantSOCAR oil refinery Azerbaijan | Asset Management Strategy and Roadmap Development
SOCAR Heydar Aliyev Oil Refinery (HAOR) investeert zwaar in nieuwe raffinaderij-installaties en heeft de ambitie om hun vermogensbeheer te verbeteren.

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