Full suite of services to manufacture piping systems and ensure pipe integrity.

Piping integrity

Piping systems are integral to transport gas, liquids and slurries throughout your production plant. They need to be highly reliable to ensure the efficiency and uptime of a production process. Therefore these systems need to be manufactured, assembled, maintained, inspected and repaired with the utmost expertise,  to ensure pipe integrity.

Full suite of services

We are your one-stop piping partner for greenfield installations and brownfield modifications. Our piping experts are ready to fabricate your spools in shop and install them on-site.

We also have the full spectrum of techniques to reinstate the integrity of your piping and apply modifications to piping systems with minimal impact on production.

With the right people, expertise and facilities in place, we can handle any project. This effective combination ensures all safety standards are met, while remaining on schedule and within budget.

How we make the difference!

Well-trained We have the qualifications and experience you need. 
Cost-effective Our goal of zero weld rejects is often achieved.
One-stop Welding, heat treatment, inspection … we have it in-house.
Workshops State-of-the-art facilities provide the ideal welding environment.

Proven expertise in metal piping & modules

Client referenceSea Invest Tank Terminal
Complete piping prefabrication for a new tank terminal with jetty in the harbour of Antwerp.
Client referenceVopak Westpoort Tank Terminal
Prefabrication of cross header modules, main headers and hook-up spools for the Vopak tank terminal at Amsterdam Westpoort.
Client referencePiping leak inspection - Petrofac International Limited
Stork ensured piping integrity by deploying its phased array ultrasonic inspection (PAUT) technique to both the heat affected zones and parent material adjacent to the weld area of selective piping where the MIC had formed.
Client referencePowerSleeve drain spool elbow repair on Scott Platform, Nexen
Stork’s innovative pipe repair solution; PowerSleeve was then utilized. PowerSleeve’s engineered composite reinforcement was selected because of its 100% solids epoxy impermeable barrier.

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