Safe and predictable execution of shutdowns & turnarounds.

Predictable execution

Turnarounds, shutdowns and outages can be very complex projects that need to be executed safely and on schedule.  In doing so, this enables facilities to be back up and running as efficiently as possible and achieve production targets. Having multiple contractors supporting these types of projects can be challenging, certainly, if the facilities' owner isn’t executing such projects regularly.

Turnaround excellence

We have a proven track record of delivering turnarounds and shutdowns safely within the required parameters. Our turnaround management teams have the execution as well as the management expertise, both in the field and internally, supported by state-of-the-art tools and based on decades of experience.

With the right people, expertise, tools, practices and workshops in place, we can handle all your turnarounds and shutdowns.

How we make the difference!


Knowledge management

Our solution centres provide a full range of fully integrated capabilities, supported by "Knowledge Online", our state-of-the-art knowledge management system in which Subject-Matter Experts from around the globe share their expertise and provide solutions.

HSEQ excellence

Engrained in our employees, based on proven practices.

Single Point of Contact

We provide a full suite of solutions to your challenges. We manage our contractors and vendors providing multi-disciplines services, acting as one team.


We regularly introduce innovative solutions to our client's projects, providing a safer and more efficient execution of your turnarounds.

Proven expertise in shutdowns and turnarounds

Client referenceShutdown & Turnaround at Biomethanol Plant BioMCN
Stork was the main contractor for this multidisciplinary inspection stop, which started 18 months before with setting the scope.
WebinarWebinar | Unlocking the secrets of efficient turnarounds

Learn how to reduce downtime to the minimum and deliver excellence in shutdowns and turnaround management. Watch our webinar today!

WhitepaperWhitepaper | A field proven vision on asset management
The term ‘asset management’ is being used more and more in the industry. But the concept is still defined and interpreted in many different ways.
Client referenceStork delivers significant savings with leak free Turnaround
Stork was contracted by a major North Sea operator to provide full flange management services for 852 flanged joints during a 60 day turnaround campaign.

BioMCN turnaround

A unique look behind the screens of a multi-disciplinary turnaround by Stork at a bio-methanol plant in the Netherlands. 

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