Secrets of efficient turnarounds



45 minutes


Bradley C. Nelson | Director Global Turnaround Lead
Martijn Glass | Global Innovations Director

Shutdowns & Turnarounds are complex, high-stress, multimillion-dollar interventions. In today’s global economy, it is important to reduce downtime to the minimum and deliver excellence in shutdown and turnaround management. In this free webinar, Brad Nelson and Martijn Glass lead you through the entire turnaround process and share innovations and best practices along the way.
Brad and Martijn, our subject-matter experts, will provide an overview on:

  • Stork’s proven 6-step intervention management process for scoping, planning and efficient execution of turnarounds:

  • How you can reduce the scope, downtime, and risks by implementing smart solutions and best practices like:

    • 3D Modelling to facilitate scope identification

    • Stork Turnaround Audits and Reviews to ensure the completeness and quality of all deliverables in the scope

    • The right Turnaround Management Software

    • Eliminating bottlenecks during execution

    • And many more innovations and best practices

  • How Stork can help you achieve turnaround management assurance through our unique offerings.

Our presenters

Director Global Turnaround Lead

Bradley C. Nelson

Brad has over 35 years of experience in the execution of EPCM&F contracts in various managerial positions. Knowledgeable in all aspects of construction, operations, and maintenance and focused on turnaround/shutdown projects. Brad has led more than 20 major turnarounds in over 5 countries and leads our Turnarounds, Shutdowns, and Outages Knowledge Transfer Program globally. 

Global Innovations Director

Martijn Glass

Martijn has over 25 years of experience spanning the complete life cycle of industrial assets. Starting as a process engineer with Fluor, he worked on master planning studies, feasibility studies, (front end) engineering, and construction. In the past five years, he has been working for Stork, focused on pushing the boundaries with O&M, turnarounds & modifications, and decommissioning.
Martijn is always looking for new ways to execute work more efficiently, more safely and with a lower carbon footprint. He’ll be injecting novel items in his trademark passionate way.

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