Heat treatment

Full suite of services to efficiently reduce stress and enhance material properties. 

Weld integrity

During the welding process there is a lot of opportunity for stresses to build up. High residual stress can be a source of corrosion and cracking, while also creating brittleness. Hydrogen-induced cracking is another risk to be reckoned with during welding. All these factors can severely reduce the life-span on the welded component (pipe, structure, equipment). 

Controlled heat

We can provide the full suite of heat treatment services. This includes: 

  • Pre-heating and post weld heat treatment (PWHT).

  • Metal properties enhancement (e.g. normalizing, annealing).

  • Specialty services (e.g. dewaxing, refractory dry-out, debolting).

In this way stresses can be reduced, hydrogen removed, ductility and toughness increased and hardness reduced. 

How we make the difference!


One-stop shop 

We can support you with all your heat treatments, whether quick intervention jobs or large / complex projects.


Our heat treatment experts are second to none in the science of heat treatment.

Global reach, local touch 

No-one has the track record on the number of large-scale projects executed around the world.  


Thanks to our various support locations around the world, we can rapidly mobilize large numbers of technicians at short notice. 

Proven expertise in heat treatment

Client referenceHeat Treatment Services - TAQA
Stork was contracted to provide heat treatment to nozzles on a vessel and the application of pre and post heat treatment to pipework. 

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