Valve services

Full range of services for reliable control, on-off and safety valve performance.

Optimal performance

Correctly functioning control valves, shut-off valves, regulator valves and pressure safety valves are essential for safe and predictable operation of a facility. 

Leaking or malfunctioning valves can lead to contamination, severely impact product quality and quantity, while safety relief valves are of course a vital safeguard against over- and under pressurization of the systems. 

Full range of services

We are a one-stop shop for valve maintenance. We execute the full range of valve-related tasks, from predictive valve diagnostics to dismantling, logistics, overhaul, repair, modifications, reinstallation, commissioning and the overall management.

If we can’t perform the work on-site, we have well-equipped workshops to efficiently get the job done. We can offer fast (emergency) on-site response, but also consultancy to help drive down your valve related costs. 

How we make the difference!


Fast access to original spare parts and engineering information, thanks to service partnerships with the leading OEMs and our IRIS historical database.

Extensive capacity

We can handle large numbers of valves at the same time during plant maintenance shutdowns.

In-depth knowledge 

Our experts have specific valve and welding know-how, plus knowledge of material grades for successful repairs and overhauls.

Total unburdening Because we have all capabilities in-house, we can truly unburden you of having to think about your many valves during a turnaround.
Safety Our well-trained technicians understand working in (partly) live facilities and make safety their #1 priority at all times

Proven expertise in valves

Client referenceValves exchange at steel manufacturer
To avoid delays, Stork replaced the heavily corroded bolts in advance during operations: 100 bolts per valve.  
Client referenceValve works at power plant turnaround
Stork was hired for a power plant turnaround where we provided services for valves, boilers, fans, piping, among other equipment.
BrochureControl valve diagnostics

Stork’s CV-D solution is a new technique that can be used to analyse control valves of every type and brand, in-shop or in-line. The high level of detail and extensive software features make it ideal for control valves that are critical to safety, process or product.

CV-D provides three different test scenarios, which can be used for a wide range of purposes.

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