Power plant Turnaround

RWE Generation Nederland B.V. Power plant Turnaround, Netherlands



RWE Generation Nederland B.V.





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To ensure integrity and reliability of RWE’s combined heat and power plant Swentibold a four-yearly inspection is required. A four-week turnaround of the facility is planned for this. 

RWE asked Stork to perform the inspection scope. After approval of the inspection scope, the scope for Balance of Plant activities was also awarded to Stork. This includes equipment services for the boiler, valves, fans, piping, etc. During the preparation of the turnaround, a leak was discovered in the boiler. In parallel with the TA, Stork Thermeq carried out the boiler repair in collaboration with the Stork project team.The preparation has taken place on a risk basis. Various risk mitigating measures have been taken on behalf of the customer in order to limit the turnaround-time, such as the reservation of welders, fitters, materials, etc.

Client benefits

  • Integrity of the power plant is secured

  • Compliant Swentibold plant

  • Execution by a contractor that provided:

    • High quality service

    • High safety standards

    • Single point of contact for the complete Turnaround

    • Risk-based preparation

Fast facts

Project:   TA RWE 

Client:   RWE Generation Nederland B.V.

Name of Facility:   RWE Swentibold 

Type of Facility:   Power plant (Steam & Electricity)

Site Location:   Geleen 

Duration:   4 weeks 

Role Stork:     Main contractor 

Stork disciplines:   Valves, Mechanical, High voltage, Thermeq, Rotating,   Cooperheat, OSM&B, Machining in shop, E-machinery