Composite piping

Engineering, fabrication, installation, inspection & repair of composite piping. 

Piping integrity

Composite and plastic piping can be an excellent way to handle aggressive chemicals. It is strong, non-conductive, corrosion-resistant, and can help avoid contamination and clogging issues while being light-weight and low maintenance. However, the right materials need to be selected and applied to avoid future issues at site, as inspection and repair is not always straightforward.

Full suite of services

Stork is your one-stop piping partner for greenfield installations and brownfield modifications. We fabricate piping in our workshops and install it on-site, safely and matching all your requirements, materials, processes, and project sizes.

Our skilled employees are certified in specific plastic applications. With the right people, expertise and facilities in place, we can handle any project.

How we make the difference!

Well trained We have the qualifications and experience you need. 
Quality Quality piping systems that enable continuous production.
One-stop shop Engineering, fabrication, installation, inspection … we have it in-house
Fast response In case of a calamity, we have the capacity to respond quickly.

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