Our related brands

Stork has a couple of related brands. These brands use their own name, but are part of the greater Stork organization. 

The Cooperheat Brand provides a full range of heat treatment products, along with heat treatment services that can be experienced either on-site or at production facilities worldwide.  Our global resources include extensive range of heat treatment equipment as well as heat treatment experts/technicians, securing our reputation as leading innovators in thermal technology.

Istimewa Elektro engineers, installs, maintains and inspects electrical installations and control systems. The company is a real system integrator that makes the connection between design, execution and maintenance of electrical installations, with a core focus on infrastructure and water sectors in the Netherlands.

Their activities are managed from their head office in Vlissingen. They also have 2 office locations in Rotterdam and Veghel. With these three branches together, they have more than 150 permanent employees.