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Offering a broad spectrum of industrial services, Masa & Stork is one of Colombia’s leading maintenance contracting companies. Stork's specialized multidisciplined industrial services offer high customer satisfaction. Our client’s expectations and objectives are key to the way we operate in the industries we serve: the power, oil and gas, mining & refining industries. Please navigate through the industrial services below to obtain more information on our capabilities.

Stork Masa is one of Colombia’s leading contracting companies. The company comprises a group of specialized multidisciplined industrial services.

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Corporate Responsibility

In Masa and Stork we understand that to have a successful project, we need to work hand in hand with the community and stakeholders where we operate. We are aware of the importance of good relations with the stakeholders present in the territory for the sustainability of the business. In line with this, we developed our relationship model framed in our corporate values and under the following pillars:


Sustainability reports

Learn more about Masa and Stork´s performance in economic, social, envioremental, and other topics deemed fundamental for the relationship with our stakeholders below.

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