Maintaining a Better World

Maintaining a Better World is our organization’s purpose and why we come to work every day. It reflects our commitment and responsibility to all our stakeholders. 

Corporate Responsibility is part of our DNA

At Stork, corporate responsibility (CR) is part of our DNA and our CR commitment goes back to the time the foundations of our company were laid by our founding father C.T Stork in 1868. 

The essence of CR at Stork is that we are a multi-stakeholder company, which means that our attention must be balanced to deliver long-term value across all our stakeholders. In practice this means not only focusing on meeting the needs of our shareholder, but also on creating lasting value for our people, clients, and the planet. 

Stork has mobilized its technical expertise and craftsmanship for more than 150 years to deploy solutions to improve the performance of our clients’ assets. That is what we are passionate about at Stork. 

Our purpose statement, ‘Maintaining a Better World’, captures this nicely: ‘Maintaining’ is what we do, ‘a Better World’ is the value we add for all our stakeholders. 

Through a concerted effort we aspire to keep all four closely aligned, as we are convinced that this holds the key to the long-term success of our company and thereby truly live up to our ambition To Be the Industry Reference. Every day, everywhere. 

Corporate Responsibility report 2021

As a multi-stakeholder organization, we aim to deliver balanced and sustainable value now and for future generations. Discover how Stork helps to create a Better World for all of us.


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Maintaining a Better World