Passive fire protection

Assessing and installing PFP systems to safeguard people's lives and limit the financial impact of fire.

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Passive Fire Protection (PFP) is a vital component of any fire strategy. This encompasses all 'passive' measures to slow or impede the spread of the effects of fire and reduce structural damage, allowing your primary fire protection systems to get things under control. This ensures people on site can be safeguarded and the financial impact of such types of incidents can be limited. 

PFP expertise

We provide the full range of passive fire protection related services, ranging from product selection, sourcing, installation and commissioning, onsite surveys, refurbishment as well as ongoing technical support. We continually look for novel materials and techniques to help optimally protect your people and assets.

How we make the difference!

In-depth knowledge   We understand what systems are available, in which cases they are best suited and how to apply them correctly in the field. 
Complete service  End-to-end service, right from the site surveys to planning through execution, making use of integrated teams.
Multi-discipline execution  Our multi-skilled teams (often also rope access trained) can cost-efficiently execute your campaigns.
Safety focus  Strong focus on occupational health & safety through our industry-leading Safer Together program.

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