Access control & security

Full telecom support, providing secure access and communications at site.

Telecom integrity

Safe and secure access for people going in and out of site, with a clear overview on assets, roads, employees, contractors and possible intruders is essential for any facility.

It enables complete control of what is going on inside the facility and effective communication can take place in case of emergencies.

Integrated services

Our E&I teams can design, program, install, commission, maintain, inspect, diagnose and modify your access and security systems so that they optimally support your needs.

This includes selecting and applying the right sensors (e.g., fire, movement), images (e.g., CCTV), data (e.g., badge readers), fibre optics cables, all the way through to alarms and intercoms. We make sure that they are all compliant with regulations and standards. 

How we make the difference!

One-stop shop 

From CCTV, sound systems to access control: We can deliver the full scope with a single point of accountability. 


We’re familiar with the latest technology developments and policies, and thereby able to help you find the optimal solution.

Fast & responsive 

Quick fault-finding, diagnostics and remediation of the situation.

Cost-effective Through our one-team and first-time right approach, we can help drive down costs.

Vendor independent

We can recommend and support the systems that work best for your plant. 

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