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Thorough supplier material and equipment inspection avoids costly delays at site.

Third Party Inspection (TPI)

Equipment, spools and / or modules should be independently checked before leaving the manufacturer’s yard: Does it meet the specifications? Is it dimensionally correct? Are the materials correct? Are all the certificates in order? Are all the promised supportive documents present?

In this way you can avoid unpleasant surprises when your equipment arrives at site, far away from the OEM’s yard and therefore far away from quick remedial action.

No surprises

By leveraging our worldwide network of accredited quality surveillance inspectors, we can perform all your third-party inspection scopes. We also apply technology to its fullest, allowing our most qualified inspectors to remotely support our local boots-on-the-ground person if required. If you need overall support in managing your inspections, we can do that too. 

Certified & Accredited

Our procedures have been independently certified to BS EN ISO 9001:2015, ISO 29001:2020 by Lloyds Register and accredited by UKAS to ISO/IEC17020:2012. Advantages are:

  • Additional assurance on the competency, impartiality and integrity
  • Helps increase confidence in the supply chain
  • Reduces risk of failure and related lost time costs
  • Establishes a traceable chain of quality performance

How we make the difference!


We have access to a global network of over 12,000 locally based, highly skilled and competent quality assurance personnel.

Cost-effective, efficient, reducing project risks By applying modern technology, we can inspect & document everything extremely cost effectively. Our remote / hybrid services save time, help reduce our own and our client’s carbon footprints, and reduce site/travel exposure.
Single point of contact managed services A dedicated project coordinator ensures easy communication and streamlined project management, helping provide an end-to-end quality service.
Easy access  Application of modern IT systems with full client extranet capabilities for easy access to all documentation. 
Recorded webinarAvoiding Counterfeit, Fraudulent & Suspect Items in your supply chain.
The inadvertent introduction or malicious insertion of CFSI within your supply chain could lead to significant production losses and project delays because of failure and to the occurrence of a security event. Learn how to spot CFSI early!

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