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United Kingdom

Stork serves clients throughout the United Kingdom and worldwide

Stork UK delivers a cross-sector portfolio of world class asset integrity and maintenance & modification solutions to support clients at every stage in the asset lifecycle.

From hook-up & commissioning, maintenance, operations and shutdowns through to late life management and decommissioning, the Stork UK business offers fully integrated or standalone solutions to optimise production and improve asset efficiency.

Headquartered in Dyce, Aberdeen, with operational bases and facilities located in Lowestoft, Bo'ness, Grimsby, Teesside and Southport.

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Our UK Asset Integrity and maintenance & modification solutions

Complete Caisson Management

Stork is your single interface for a complete caisson management solution. With the introduction of Stork's unique swaging technology, we deliver a complete caisson management package.

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Take the stress out of your heat treatment needs

Visit the Cooperheat Equipment Shop for your online quotation requests for specialized heat treatment equipment, including compact heat treatment units, data recorders, panel burners, consumables, spares and accessories.

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Blog: Evolution of Fabric Maintenance - From aesthetics to integrity

For a long time Fabric Maintenance was as much about aesthetics and making the assets look good, as it was the operation of the plant. But the times have changed.

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Global Solutions for the Power Industry

Stork has a legacy spanning 150 years in designing, manufacturing and installing business-critical equipment and materials, ranging from pumps, pipes, gearboxes and turbine blades to deaerators, boilers & burners and complete power-generating installations. 

We combine high-quality product engineering with independent provision of in-depth asset integrity management. Stork can supply OEM equipment to EPC, provide custom-built machines based on the clients’ specific requirements, and replace obsolete machines with new and improved designs.

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