Cutting, grinding, bevelling, lapping, honing, turning, milling, line boring, drilling, 3D printing … We provide the full range.


The diversity of materials used in industry continues to increase, and product specifications are becoming more and more stringent. This increased complexity requires a growing number of specialist tools to adjust and modify all applied materials.

On-site & in-shop

We have the full range of machining tools, ranging from mobile conventional tools to do on-site machining, to highly sophisticated CNC-machines that can produce turbine blades in our workshops. This diverse offering allows us to select the right tool for the job at hand. 

We continue to invest in new technologies, such as 3D printing.  This allows us to handle more complex shapes, reduce costs and save on materials.


How we make the difference!

Safety Working in a live facility requires safety to be #1.
Well-trained We have the qualifications and experience you need.
Cost-effective Multi-skilling reduces cost.
Fast response Should a quick project turnaround be required, we have the capacity to quickly respond.

Proven expertise in machining

Client referenceIn-situ machining & bolting
A specific machining procedure was developed and equipment was customized to undertake the operation.
Client referenceIn-situ machining - North Sea Operator
Stork designed and custom made a mounting plate to safely and accurately secure and centralize the machine for the execution of the job.

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