Inspection & NDT

Well performed Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) increases the understanding of your asset health. 

Periodic assessment

Periodic updates on the health status of your equipment and systems, reduce the probability of unexpected failure. In this way the safety of personnel is enhanced, the environment protected, expensive reactive maintenance costs reduced and continued production revenues more likely. 

Full range of inspection tools

We have the full spectrum of inspection tools, ranging from non-destructive testing (NDT), to advanced inspection tools, along with qualified technicians to correctly apply them in the field. To support our technicians, we also have an array of drones and other robotic solutions so that they can execute their inspections safely and efficiently. 

How we make the difference!

Full toolkit  

Full spectrum of NDT and advanced inspection tools.

24/7 24/7 service deployment by certified technicians.
Expert support   We have level 3 advice available to support our technicians in the field.
Optimal safety   We understand the importance of safety as we work in your plant.


Proven expertise in inspection & NDT services

Client referenceComplete inspection of a 55 MW load gearbox
Stork Gears & Services was hired for the complete inspection of a 55 MW load gearbox, which was part of a gas turbine driven generator set.
Client referenceInternal Vessel Drone (UAV) Inspection
Stork was contracted by a key client to survey the internal refractory lining of a thermal oxidiser during a short shutdown period.

Inspection & non-destructive testing

Stork delivers experienced and efficient inspection & NDT solutions; as a tailored package or a standalone service.

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