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Providing unmanned vessel entry allow internal visual of a refractory lined vessel.
Stork was contracted by a key client to survey the internal refractory lining of a thermal oxidiser during a short shutdown period. The purpose of the current condition of the client to establish the current condition of the refractory lining to allow the client to establish future remediation requirements.


Stork´s vast inspection knowledge and experience, coupled with one of our strategic partners Air Control Entech, allowed solution that was safer, more efficient and delivered significantly more useable data then a typical vessel entry approach.
Stork´s Visual Inspector and Air Control Entech´s UAV Pilot created a core team which allowed for the full inspection to be carried out in a much shorter time period, without the requirements for any physical manned entry into the confined vessel space; significantly reducing the risk of the inspection.


Stork planned and executed the project in a day, with less than 4 hours operational time on site, minimizing the downtime of the vessel. Stork was able to demonstrate value to the client through a range of benefits:

  • No man entry inspections.
  • Detailed 4k imagery and video to allow condition of vessel to be reviewed by multiple stakeholders.
  • Greater visibility and enhanced maintenance planning potential for the client through provision of robust evidence on the physical state of the refractory lining.
  • Risk reduced as access to confined space carried out with the drone but retaining the inspection expertise, leading to greater control over project delivery.
  • Project delivered on time with no disruption to ongoing plant activities.

Project details

Personnel Required:    2 + 2 Standby/ Rescue team    2 Technicians

Duration:                       8 hours                                     4 hours    

Cost:                              £5k                                           £2.5k

Impact on operations:  About same                              About same

Differentiator:               Some photos                            Full 4k video