Condition monitoring

Specialized monitoring solutions greatly enhance the understanding of an asset's health. 

Asset health

When using periodic inspections, an issue could be present for quite some time before it is identified. During this time, the issue can grow drastically and reach a point of no return.

Real-time monitoring can give a much better understanding of asset health, thereby mitigating the chance of unexpected failure. This enhances the safety of personnel, protects the environment, reduces expensive reactive maintenance costs and ensures production uptime.

Full range of sensors

We can select, procure, install and configure the monitoring solution that is right for your situation. This can be to real-time monitor corrosion, but also applying e.g. vibration sensors to better understand the health of your rotating equipment. 

Subsequently, we can review your data and diagnose your situation. If required, we can also periodically service the monitoring devices to ensure that correct measurements are being recorded.

How we make the difference!

One-stop shop  We can select, procure, install, configure, service, and if required, also remotely track data. 
Field experience  We have installed thousands of monitoring systems in over 25 countries.
Technology agnostic  Our experts select the monitoring solution that is best for the client situation.

Optimal safety 

Our teams understand the importance of safety as we work in your plant.

Proven expertise in monitoring solutions

WebinarWebinar | Smart Condition Monitoring
Managers need a predictive maintenance strategy that suits their challenges and asset infrastructure. In this webinar, our three subject-matter experts will guide you through the process of choosing and implementing the best-fit condition monitoring techniques and maintenance strategy for your asset.
Client referenceWireless sand erosion monitoring at major North Sea operator
A new wireless transmitter design which is utilised to accurately record metal loss and sand rate was recommended by Stork and Emerson as a cost effective alternative solution to help extend equipment life and increase production from reserves.
Client referenceGearbox diagnostics on renk-TBE-630

Stork diagnostic service was invited by a power generation company in Turkey to investigate high vibrations on a steam turbine driven gearbox.

Our diagnostic engineer advised to measure the shaft run-out of the driven generator rotor. That revealed the root cause of the excessive gearbox vibrations: a permanent excessive rotor deflection.

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