Excellence in O&M to drive down costs related to solar energy.

Asset performance

Harvesting solar energy is a key pillar of the energy transition. Great strides have been made from a technology point of view, driving down the potential cost/kWh. However, to realize that potential cost efficient O&M is required, ensuring the highest capacity factor for the lowest possible cost. Only then will solar energy be able to compete with traditional / alternative sources of electricity.

Tailored services

We have the field-proven O&M experience to help drive down costs related to both photo-voltaic (PV) and concentrated solar plants (CSP) and thereby help make you more competitive.
Thousands of acres of PV fields rely on our E&I knowledge and in the case of CSPs, we can take single point of responsibility to provide power train overhauls (steam turbines, gearboxes, generators, piping, valves, E&I…).

How we make the difference!

One-stop shop Whether advisory, management or actual execution, we can support you to achieve your business goals.
Integrated By executing diverse scopes of work as one team, we can minimize interface risks and lower execution costs.
Safety Our safety performance is industry reference.
Expertise Building on 150+ years of O&M knowledge, we can keep your assets running at peak performance.
Innovation We keep looking out for new solutions to drive down cost, enhance safety, reduce carbon footprints and enable faster execution.

Proven experience in Solar

ReferenceOutage of a 50MW Concentrated Solar Plant
Stork performed an overhaul of a 50MW steam turbine generator at a concentrated solar plant in Spain. The complete overhaul was executed under tight COVID-19 restrictions, and delivered 4 days ahead of the planned schedule. 

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