Correct application of the correct insulation, gives you one less thing to worry about.


Hot, cold or noisy assets often require a ‘separation’ layer to allow continued safe operation and conserve energy. Incorrectly placed or damaged insulation can have water egress, which can lead to Corrosion-Under-Insulation (CUI). In turn, this can lead to asset failure if not discovered and addressed in a timely fashion.

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We provide the full range of insulation services, including design, product selection and sourcing, on-site surveys, installation and commissioning, as well as ongoing technical support.

We understand the dangers of corrosion under insulation (CUI) and can therefore help proactively avoid it and / or put in place systems to help early CUI identification. 

How we make the difference!

Complete service  End-to-end service, right from the site surveys to planning through execution, making use of integrated teams. 
Full range of techniques  Insulation solutions can be tailored to your specific project requirements.
Multi-discipline execution  Our multi-skilled teams (often also rope access trained) can efficiently execute your campaigns.
Safety focus  Strong focus on occupational health & safety through our industry-leading Safer Together program.

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