Cathodic protection

Optimized CP solutions protect assets and infrastructure against corrosion.


Corrosion of your assets is an unfortunate and problematic force of nature. If metal is left on its own, corrosion will happen. It weakens structural integrity and increases the risk of failure. This process will only be accelerated in the proximity of water. All underground storage tanks, whether that be pipelines, subsea facilities, vessels, ports and / or harbours: beware!

Underground storage tanks which are exposed to the environment will over time fall victim to corrosion when lacking a form of corrosion prevention.


A combination of cathodic protection (CP) and protective coatings is the most effective method to prevent corrosion. Our services combine knowledge, expertise and experience to provide optimum solutions to assure corrosion protection of assets and infrastructure. 

As a leading provider of cathodic protection solutions with over 40’ years of experience we can support with all of your corrosion prevention needs including design, installation, commissioning and continuous monitoring.

How we make the difference!

Vast experience 

With decades of experience and knowledge, we are recognized as one of the leading providers of cathodic protection (CP), for both offshore and onshore assets. 

Complete CP offering Surveys, design & engineering and impressed current cathodic protection systems.
Bespoke solutions ‘Turnkey’ or ‘built to order’ services based upon the latest industry knowledge and extensive experience. 
Marine Survey In-house designed and manufactured silver / silver chloride (Ag / AgCl) electrodes, which are proven highly reliable and accurate.  


Proven expertise in cathodic protection

Cathodic Protection Subsea Survey
An offshore engineering and drilling contractor engaged Stork to perform a comprehensive as-laid Cathodic Protection (CP) survey of various subsea assets.
Client referenceCathodic protection Survey
Stork efficiently mobilised highly competent personnel to site and, despite challenging sea and weather conditions, successfully surveyed 19 monopiles.
Client referenceCathodic Protection Pipeline Survey
Stork utilized its in-house Cathodic Protection equipment and experienced technicians to carry out a continuous proximity profiling Cathodic Protection survey.

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