Achieving operational & maintenance readiness during the EPC phase.

Life cycle cost

When developing new facilities, often times the key focus is on design, engineering, procurement and construction. Less attention is given to lifecycle cost of operations and maintenance. This leads to high start-up cost, increases the time to get installations at optimum production capacity and results in suboptimal lifecycle maintenance cost.

Get Ready-to-Go

We help assess your readiness to successfully start up, maintain and operate your new facility. Our field proven methodology is structured in modules that can be selected à la carte, depending on your needs.

Applying this approach helps you minimize start-up issues and asset lifecycle cost, and enhance for investor confidence in your business case.

How we make the difference!

Smooth start-up Our structured approach supports a fast ramp-up to design capacity.  
Optimum life cycle cost Optimum maintenance practices, result in high reliability and maintainability and optimized overall life cycle maintenance cost.
Quality Decades of experience have been funnelled into our methods, templates, and blueprints.
Investor trust With this approach, you can enhance investor confidence in your business case. 
High reliability By applying best practices and proven maintenance strategies.

Proven expertise in readiness

WhitepaperA field proven vision on asset management
The term ‘asset management’ is being used more and more in the industry. But the concept is still defined and interpreted in many different ways.
WebinarWebinar | Upfront operational readiness

Stork’s readiness methodology (UpFront) can help you avoid common startup failures, mitigate risks, maximize return on investment and provide the foundation for consistent design performance throughout its life cycle. 

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