Achieving NetZero by 2050 or earlier requires a concerted plan of action. 

Carbon footprint reduction

Asset owners are facing increasing pressure to reduce their carbon footprint. Most have probably already undertaken the first steps, but they often times want to take it to the next level and develop a sustainable roadmap.

If they get this right, then they will be back in control, retaining their licence to operate with pride and attracting additional new investors, new buyers of their product and new, motivated employees.  

Decarbonization roadmap

We can assess your existing facility and organization, discuss your aspirations and then identify the right reduction of energy, waste and emissions opportunities. After developing business cases we can help put your approved reduction initiatives in a decarbonization roadmap and oversee their implementation.

How we make the difference!

Knowledge For decades we have been advising clients on how to enhance their efficiency and valorize their waste. 
Processes We have the checklists, processes and benchmarks in place to get off to a flying start.
Passion In line with our purpose statement – Maintaining a Better World – we have a passion to support you.

Proven expertise in decarbonization

WebinarWebinar | Waste Valorization - Stork

Rapidly rising gas prices, more stringent enforcement of legislation and societal pressures to reduce carbon footprints are forcing companies to rethink how they manage their assets.

WebinarWebinar | Hydrogen production: What color H2 is best suited for you?

Hydrogen is a fuel for the future and is enjoying unprecedented momentum. But how can the projected demands be met? Various production methods - each tagged with a ‘color’ – are available and new ones are being developed to further drive down costs.

WebinarWebinar | Sustainable efficiency upgrades: Reduce both your OPEX and your carbon footprint
Reducing operating costs and carbon footprint — the challenge that nearly every asset owner faces. Efficiency upgrades of equipment and systems in your facility can help achieve both. It sounds easy, and in many ways it is.
BlogIndustry can kick-start the hydrogen economy
A radical transformation is needed in the way energy is produced and used to fulfil societal needs. Clean renewables will gradually replace fossil fuels. Continuing to work on gradual, incremental changes will not be enough to tackle climate change. We have to look for exponential growth of solutions with the greatest future decarbonisation potential. 

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