Heat exchangers

Full range of heat exchanger services and engineered upgrades, to provide reliable and efficient heat transfer. 


Heat exchangers come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from shells and tubes to plates to tumble dryers. They play an essential role in nearly all industrial facilities. Fouling, corrosion, wear and tear, vibrations and other mechanisms impact not only the performance of the exchangers, but also of the whole system that they are part of. Conversely changed system conditions (e.g. cooling water chemistry) can greatly impact the life span of exchangers that have held well for decades. 

Full lifecycle services

We provide you with a full suite of services to keep your heat exchangers in top condition. This starts off with routine inspections, followed by overhauls and repairs during turnarounds. In case of poor performance / failure, our highly knowledgeable specialists can help you find the root cause and recommend mitigations. Also, if we spot the opportunity, we will proactively recommend upgrades to enhance their performance. We can also re-make the whole heat exchanger to replace a worn-out version, allowing you to continue your operations. 

How we make the difference!


Inspection, overhaul & repair, upgrades, … we can provide the full suite.

Well-trained We have the qualifications and experience you need. 
Safety Our teams exhibit an uncompromising commitment to safety.

Proven expertise in heat exchangers

Client referenceHydro-jetting blockage removal
Our client had been suffering production losses due to blockages in seawater-cooled heat exchanger tubes for many years. After a detailed technical evaluation and analysis, the Stork team decided to perform hydro-jetting to remove the blockages.

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