Stork Asset Management Technology is an established international boutique consulting firm specialized in sustainable asset performance improvement. With a mix of seasoned industry experts and young professionals, we provide field proven solutions to support you during the lifecycle of your asset.

Expert advice

Our premium portfolio of consultancy services provides you the expertise you need, so that you can optimally achieve your business goals. This starts during the design phase, ensuring operational readiness of your facility upon start-up, and continues during the rest of the asset lifecycle.

We can assess your facility and processes, determine compliance and identify improvements to maximize asset performance and reduce your carbon footprint.

Our services

Independent assessment of a facility and benchmarking with industry standards.
Combining field proven solutions with hands-on implementation expertise to improve asset management and asset performance.
Ensuring that facilities and asset management comply with all rules and legislation. 
Achieving operational & maintenance readiness during the EPC phase.
Leveraging digital opportunities to enhance asset performance.
Achieving NetZero by 2050 or earlier requires a concerted plan of action. 

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