Full suite of capabilities to keep your assets running

Stork has the full suite of capabilities to keep clients’ assets running optimally and thereby increase their competitive advantage. With tens of thousands boots-on-the-ground Storkers actually doing the work, and giving us a wealth of knowledge on the latest techniques and on what is actually happening inside live facilities.

These capabilities relate to:

  • Equipment – whether rotating or static, and range from in-shop fabrication of specialty pumps
  • and deaerators, to onsite equipment repair.
  • Mechanical & Piping – ranging from in-shop spool manufacturing - whether steel or plastic - to onsite welding, heat treatment, subsea services, bolting & torqueing and the like.
  • Electrical & instrumentation – varying from in-shop manufacturing to onsite cable pulling, calibration, automation, and such….
  • Scaffolding, insulation & painting – also called Fabric Maintenance - starting with safe access and the right surface preparation to the application of coating, passive fire protection, insulation and cladding…
  • And Inspection of any of the above – ranging from periodic NDT to continuous corrosion & condition monitoring.


Stork can provide all of these capabilities during all phases of the asset life cycle, right from…

... Engineering & Construction of small cap /brownfield projects...
... to continuous Operations & Maintenance...
... to time-bound Turnarounds & Modifications...
... and ultimately to Relocation or Decommissioning at the end of the lifecycle.