Access solutions

Optimal access solutions to safely, swiftly and cost efficiently execute work at site. 

Optimal access

Most facilities have difficult-to-reach places. Sometimes only a small scope of work needs to be executed, while in other instances larger crews need to be deployed over extended periods of time.

There is no one-size-fits-all to efficiently bring technicians, equipment and tools together.

Full suite of access solutions

We have vast experience with scaffolding, rope access, netting, lifting, rigging and applying drones, crawlers and other robotic solutions. This puts us in the unique position to select and apply the best solution for your specific situation. Should confined space entry be required, we can deploy our award-winning ERBAS (Extended Reach Breathing Apparatus) solution, which can make the difference between life and death in emergency situations. 

How we make the difference!

One-stop shop We have the complete spectrum of access options in-house, allowing us to apply what is best for your project. 
Multidiscipline execution  Providing access should not be seen as a stand-alone activity; we see it as an integrated part of our work.
Innovation We keep looking out for new access solutions, reducing cost, enhancing safety and enabling faster execution.

Proven expertise in special access systems

Client referenceBespoke 3D Design Access Solutions
Stork designed and constructed two specific scaffolding structures for use during the installation of an offshore wind farm substation.
Client referenceRope Access reduces costs flare modification by 33%
Stork deployed a multi-disciplined rope access team to deliver the complete scope along a vertical height of 140ft on the wet and dry flare stacks
Client referenceRope access reduces GLT-PLUS project costs by 25%
Instead of separate scaffolders and E&I fitters, a single rope access team from Stork was put on the job.
Client referenceHot Bolt Clamp & Rope Access - North Sea
Due to the height of the flanges, a rope access team was used to access the foam system, while also delivering Hot Bolt Clamp services.
ReferenceSystem scaffolding

Stork was contracted to provide a load bearing scaffold design that would deliver the most cost-efficient access method to facilitate modifications to a platform crane.

After reviewing various access options, Stork recommended the use and design of steel system scaffold, which incorporated a system staircase.

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