Our complete caisson management solution ensures the structural integrity of your caissons.

Structural integrity

Caissons are essential to an offshore asset’s operations without them, it is impossible to guarantee fire-water to the topsides. However, hanging half above water and half in the water, they are exposed to the elements.

Stress, fatigue, increased corrosion, failure through cracking and through wall defects are real threats. This can result in costly shutdowns or high risk, dropped-object issues. 

Bespoke solutions

Our teams can provide a complete caisson management solution, which starts off with a thorough assessment and inspection to prioritize what needs to be done when. Should repair be required, we are ready to do that as well.

For both the inspection and the repair work, we make use of unique robots that work on the inside of the caisson, making them ready to apply irrespective of weather conditions and without the need for divers or ROVs. 

How we make the difference!

Single interface

One point of contact for a complete caisson management solution.

Proven track record

For over 20 years we have provided caisson management solutions, incl. risers and j-tubes. 

Fast and efficient

We have all the skills & equipment in-house, ready to go. 

Proven expertise in caissons

Client referenceCaisson Cleaning & Inspection
Stork worked with the latest technology to bring a proven, safety-certified solution to our client. The work scope began by conducting an initial pre-jetting visual inspection followed by high pressure (HP) water jetting which was utilised to remove any marine growth and scale build-up.
Client referenceCaisson Inspection & Composite Repair
Stork designed a Composite Repair solution, combining Epoxy Resin, Bio Dur 563 and Gas Pruf primers with the structural qualities of Stork’s AquaWrap polymer and field wetted PowerSleeve.
Client referenceLiner retrieval & caisson inspection
Stork was able to evaluate the condition of the caisson using remote visual inspection. Following inspection services, the team provided a scope report in a timely manner, including recommendations on how to further improve and extend caisson integrity.
Client referenceCaisson Cleaning & Inspection | Remote Visual Inspection (RVI)
Stork delivered an interim report in just two days, well ahead of the usual eight to ten day timeframe for report completion. The inspection provided an accurate picture on the integrity of the caisson and played an important role in supporting the client’s structural integrity programme.

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