Industry leading spray-type deaerators provide optimal protection of steam systems at the lowest Total Cost of Ownership  

Oxygen removal

Reliable removal of oxygen from boiler feedwater, will dramatically increase the lifespan of a steam system. Preferably, a deaerator should perform three functions (oxygen removal, buffering and preheating of incoming condensate / demi water) and have as low as possible Total Cost of Ownership (TCoO). 

Enhanced performance

As a market leader, we have provided deaerator solutions all over the world, for more than 85 years. Our heritage as a boiler manufacturer provides us with in-depth knowledge of feedwater systems. This allows us to provide the most optimal deaerator solution, both for new plants and for existing plants.

Our teams design and install new spray-type deaerators, or retrofit Stork’s patented sprayer into existing deaerators to enhance their performance.  

How we make the difference!

Industry reference

Our spray-type deaerator is industry leading with over 5000 new units installed.


Our deaerators are used in conventional / combined cycle / nuclear / waste-to-energy / concentrated solar power plants, refineries, petrochemical facilities, pulp & paper, FPSO/marine, district heating and many more sectors.

Lowest TCoO

Low CAPEX and OPEX, while also helping to avoid unplanned boiler system downtime. 

Ease to work with

Single point of contact for your project, from basic engineering to maintenance.

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