Lifecycle services to keep gearboxes running at peak performance. 

Peak performance

Gearboxes need to seamlessly convey extreme forces and can easily become the weakest link in the power train. While being a stand-alone piece of equipment, gears are by default intimately integrated with other equipment like turbines, motors, compressors and pumps. During maintenance, this can lead to many interfaces.  

Integrated services

Building on over 150 years of gear services, we can truly offer full life-cycle gearbox services for the maritime sector and industrial services. We do this for our own brands, but also for any other gearbox in the marketplace. We can inspect, monitor, overhaul, repair and upgrade any gearbox, including high speed. If required, we can also manufacture customized gearboxes for your specific situation. 

We also have ample knowledge of ‘adjacent’ equipment like turbines, motors, compressors and pumps. Having all these capabilities in-house reduces interfaces and allows us to cut down costs and greatly reduce turnaround schedules. 

How we make the difference!

Fast response

24/7 support to keep your gearboxes running at peak performance.

One-stop shop

Our integrated approach enables flexible, low-cost execution.

Maximized uptime

We help avoid unplanned downtime through accurate diagnostics.


Our engineers make sure that your gears work! 


Our teams show an uncompromising commitment to safety.

Proven expertise in industrial gearboxes

Client referenceEmergency gearbox repair at African gold mine
Stork performed the Gold Mine gearbox design calculation to determine if stronger gears were required to increase production.
Client referenceGearbox repair of a US bucketwheel dredge
Stork Gears & Services with their service engineer repaired the gearbox on site. Special tooling to do the turnkey job was shipped from our machine shop in Rotterdam and shipped to the US.
Client reference24/7 gearbox repair at large German power plant
Stork put the gearbox and field generator through a full speed load test. The goal was to have the gearbox and field generator installed and ready for use within four weeks of disassembly, two days before the anticipated deadline, the gearbox and field generator were installed in the site and were accepted by the client.
Client referenceGearbox redesign and delivery - QSGTL
Shell invited Stork for an in-depth engineering study into the failing gearboxes, following Stork Oryx Turbo Machinery Services’ successful participation in major turnarounds for Shell in 2015 and 2016.

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