Heat treatment equipment

A wide array of heat treatment equipment to ensure your welded pipes and equipment will receive optimal heat treatment.  

Controlled heat

Depending on the materials being welded, brittleness, cracking, porosity and residual stress are all factors equipment manufacturers have to contend with, unless they apply the right pre-heating and right post weld heat treatment (PWHT).

Getting this right greatly helps enhance equipment longevity and thereby avoid unplanned & unsafe shutdowns. 

Reliable Cooperheat products

As Stork Cooperheat, we supply a range of innovative and versatile heat treatment solutions specifically designed with the needs of the operator and industry in mind.  

Our products are recognized around the world for their quality, durability, reliability and the highest standards of safety. Our sales engineers are ready to listen to your needs and recommend the optimal solution for you. 

How we make the difference!

Wide range

From simple butt welds to complex pipe work and vessel fabrications, we have the equipment to heat treat it. 

Highest quality

Cooperheat products are recognized globally for their quality, and high standards of safety, durability and reliability. 

Flexible execution

Cooper8 software allows you to monitor multiple heat treatments going on at the same time.


We continually look for new ways to solve your heat treatment challenges. 

Proven expertise in heat treatment equipment

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Full suite of heat treatment services to efficiently reduce stress and enhance material properties. 
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Client referenceHT Services - Hydroelectric Power Plant
Stork Cooperheat proposed a long established technique using a four-bank channel element unit supported on temporary steel framework.

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