Infra & water

Integrated services to keep civil and water infrastructure running at peak performance during all phases of their lifecycle

Asset performance

Mobility and good infrastructure are inextricably linked to economic progress. For civil infrastructure like roads, bridges, tunnels, locks and dams, smooth passage of land and shipping traffic, safe connections, good communication and clear traffic situations are paramount. Adequate operation and maintenance of water infrastructure, combined with sophisticated data and modelling tools, can optimize infrastructure reliability and uptime.

The implications of inadequate infrastructure can have far-reaching consequences impacting nearly every individual, economy, and business around the world.

Full lifecycle services

With decades of working experience in civil and water infrastructure we understand your challenges.

Our spectrum of products & services spans the full asset lifecycle, from construction and modifications to maintenance, and ranges from boots-on-the-ground work on-site or speciality work in our own operation centres, to premium consultancy services.

We can help you set out the right strategy & roadmap, and subsequently manage and execute approved scopes of work so that you can achieve your business goals.

How we make the difference!

One-stop shop Whether advisory, management or actual execution, we can support you to achieve your business goals.
Integrated By executing diverse scopes of work as one team, we can minimize interface risks and lower execution costs.
Safety Our safety performance is industry reference.
Expertise Building on 150+ years of O&M knowledge, we can keep your assets running at peak performance.
Innovation We keep looking out for new solutions to drive down cost, enhance safety, reduce carbon footprints and enable faster execution.

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