Fugitive emissions

Reducing hydrocarbon emissions helps reduce carbon footprints and avoid unsafe situations.

Harmful emissions?

Research shows that nearly 5% of asset components are leaking excessive emissions into the atmosphere. This can be via pipe flanges, seals on valves, pumps, compressors, turbines, tanks and other equipment. If those emissions are volatile hydrocarbons, then apart from creating potentially unsafe situations, they are most probably harmful to the environment as well.

Full containment!

We have a suite of tools to help minimize your fugitive emissions. This ranges from reactive leak detection and repair (LDAR) for ageing assets, to proactive flange management programs, to applying valve modifications, to addressing rotating equipment sealing, to innovative tank and vessel solutions.

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Innovation Hot Bolt Clamp (HBC), Advanced Online Desanding (AOD), … these innovations make the difference. 

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