Spare parts

Intimate knowledge of all key equipment types and well-equipped workshops, allows us to quickly supply spare parts. 

Continuous production

Spare parts are always an issue, especially of large critical equipment where it isn’t financially feasible to hold spares for everything in your warehouse. However, as per Murphy’s Law, equipment will break down at the worst possible time. Spare parts are becoming the main hurdle to get facilities quickly back into production again. 

Spare part availability

We are ready to support you in getting the spare parts you need so that you can get your equipment back up & running as fast as possible. With our state-of-the-art machine park and extensive experience, we can scan, re-engineer, upgrade, and manufacture spare parts with the shortest lead times. Besides that, we can offer managed stock, benefiting from our close relationship with OEMs, ensuring you have critical spares readily available at all times. 

How we make the difference!


Our turnaround times are unrivalled in the industry, making us the go-to company for OEMs, ISPs and asset owners for critical spare parts. 

Highest quality

We provide full warranties, fully confident that they won’t need to be called upon. 

Competitively priced

We are committed to keeping your assets running and building a long-term relationship.

Equipment knowledge

Our unique legacy gives us the knowledge to re-engineer and even upgrade parts. 

Proven expertise in spare parts

Client reference

Technical verification of a rotor blade re-design

Stork performed static load and Eigen frequency analysis for a steam turbine blade with a spruce root. In this way, a part of the rotor disc has been included in the model to establish realistic root fixation constraints.
Client reference

Parsons Brazed Blade Packets

Stork manufactured approximately 1,200 (re-engineered) blade package segments in numerous operations, divided into several stages, under strict time constraints (5 months).
Client reference

Siemens SGT5-2000e Compressor Diaphragm Refurbishment

Stork retrofits a V64.3 and V94.2 diaphragm with an excellent example of the benefits Stork can offer its customers by having the complete Turbo Machinery portfolio in-house, including services and parts delivery.
Client reference

Custom-built sand pump gearbox for trailing suction hopper dredger

Stork Gears & Services has made an important contribution to this very innovative trailing suction hopper dredger by constructing a sand-pump gearbox that exactly matches the performance of the dredger pump.

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