Full lifecycle boiler services to ensure reliable steam production.

Reliable steam production

Steam systems are often the back-bone of an industrial facility to provide power or heat. Smooth operation, high availability and reliability of the central boiler are essential. Preferably, this is provided at the lowest possible total cost of ownership (TCoO).

Due to changing facility requirements, an asset owner might be looking for modifications to efficiently cater to the new situation.  

Full lifecycle services

Building on 150 years of boiler services, we truly offer full lifecycle boiler services. We can not only be your OEM, but also inspect, overhaul, repair and upgrade any existing boiler system you might have.

Should you be confronted by an unplanned shutdown, then we have multi-disciplined teams of service engineers, ready 24/7 to get your boiler up and running again. 

How we make the difference!


Building on a century of steam system experience, we provide unmatched value.

Full boiler suite

Conventional boilers, electrical boilers, hybrid boilers … we can assess your situation and help you select the optimal solution.

Lifecycle services

Right from the initial brainstorm, to engineering, procurement, manufacturing, commissioning, to inspecting, maintaining, repairing and upgrading your boiler. 

Straightforward approach

Single point of contact for your project – from basic engineering to maintenance.


Multidisciplined teams of service engineers are ready to get your boiler up and running again.

Proven expertise in boilers

Client referencePyrolysis-oil fired steam boiler
Stork delivery of steam boiler including custom developed and in-house tested Stork OEM pyrolysis-oil burner
Client referenceSyngas fired steam boiler
Stork installs steam boiler running on 1,500°C syngas from melting waste materials
Client referenceWaste-Gas Fired Steam Boiler
Stork installs steam boiler that works with waste gases from the production of high quality silicon carbide, SiC
Client referenceAttero Wijster / Boiler Modifications
Stork Thermeq for a consultancy study in order to improve the reliability, optimize the energy production and improve plant maintainability.

Pyrolysis-oil fired steam boiler

Stork Thermeq Transport of a Pyrolysis-Oil Fired Steam Boiler. In three days from the Stork Thermeq workshop into the boiler house of a dairy production facility. View the logistics.

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