The indispensable link in the sustainable energy transition.

The energy transition

The tremendous growth in renewable energy production has led to new opportunities that evolve around balancing environmental benefits and economic competitiveness. A smooth energy transition sets new requirements for steam and hot water boiler plants and energy consumers.

E-boilers convert electrical power into steam or hot water, reducing the use of fossil energies and reducing CO2 emissions. As such, E-boilers systems are an indispensable link in the pursuit of a more sustainable production process.  

Hybrid and E-boiler systems

We offer a full suite of solutions to help you reduce energy usage and CO2-emissions. Our patented hybrid E-boiler system goes even beyond and combines the best of both worlds (E-power & traditional fuel) and allows our customers to benefit from the lowest energy costs.  

Proven expertise in industrial E-boilers

E-boiler capex indicator tool
Fill in our E-boiler capex indicator tool, to get an indication of the feasibility of an E-boiler for your plant.
Get a subsidy for your boiler project

Each boiler project is different but with the SDE++ subsidy in the Netherlands, a payback period of several years is possible, depending on company-specific situations, and integration and the network costs.

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