Ensuring that facilities and asset management comply with all rules and legislation. 

License to operate

Many asset owners experience uncertainty regarding their compliance to different forms of government required legislation. This often results from a lack of evidence (tracking and tracing). Furthermore, uncertainties regarding integrity / safety / emissions / energy / waste management, planning and execution can be an issue.

Compliance control

We are ready to support you to improve your compliance and get you back in control. We apply the field proven four-step approach of assess - plan - do - assure. Common elements are updating compliance registers, setting up structured "proof collection" processes and setting up the right organization to manage those processes. As per ISO19600, this often includes defining a compliance officer role.
We provide help with a field proven four-step approach:

How we make the difference!

Compliance Officer Use of standardized components in the compliance process, being a compliance register and the use of roles such as a compliance officer. All this in alignment with ISO 19600.
Transitional Base the step from the “as-is” compliance process towards a “should-be” situation on a gap-analysis, which comprises contents, systems and people.
Key-element Position the compliance process as a key-element in risk based asset management, in full alignment with the asset management process as portrayed in ISO 55001.
Support Support compliance process in combination with companies governance process, thereby ensuring that related management and reporting is structured in a transparent, traceable and sustainable manner.

Proven expertise in compliance

WhitepaperA field proven vision on asset management
The term ‘asset management’ is being used more and more in the industry. But the concept is still defined and interpreted in many different ways.

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