Advanced combustion technology to lower NOx emissions, improve reliability and gain fuel flexibility. 

Burner performance

Efficiency improvement, changing (waste) fuel streams, converting to hydrogen firing and staying compliant with ever more stringent emission regulations are a constant challenge for the power generation industry. In both direct and supplementary firing (HRSG) applications, the objectives are often apparent: fuel flexibility, low CO and the lowest NOx emission, combined with the highest boiler efficiency performance.

Combustion solutions

Finding a technical combustion solution can often be quite challenging. These solutions are most of the time custom engineered. Building on over 100 years of burner and boiler manufacturing, our team of experts are ready to design, manufacture and install the optimal combustion solution for you. 

This could be converting your existing boiler from liquid to natural gas/hydrogen firing, but also installing burners that can handle up to 13 different liquid and gaseous fuel streams with varying quantities. Apart from the burner, we can also help adapt your boiler and / or add SCR / SNCR / CO catalyst systems to ensure that you achieve the performance that you need.


How we make the difference!

Tailor made

Custom solutions to suit your specific needs.

Multi-fuel applications

Gasses, liquids, pulverized coal, biomass, … we relish the challenge to design the burner that efficiently burns the feedstocks you have.

One-stop shop

Experienced teams of mechanical, process, electrical and instrumentation work together under the guidance of experienced project managers to deliver on-time and with all documentation in order.


Safety is our #1 priority, both in design and as we install / maintain combustion systems.

Track record Worldwide track record of direct firing, supplementary firing (HRSG) and burner retrofit projects.

Proven expertise in burners

Client referenceCogeneration plant - Singapore
Stork evaluated and advised on the modernization of 5 boilers, including engineering, production and managing the on-site assembly of burners and boiler parts.
Client referenceBiomethanol plant - Netherlands
Stork install system using a natural gas superheater equipped with a 15 MW Stork Ultra Low NOx impulse burner combined with a flue gas recirculation system.
Client referenceBurner for a pyrolysis-oil fired steam boiler
Delivery of steam boiler including custom developed and in-house tested Stork OEM pyrolysis-oil burner.
Client referenceHuasheng Project China
Stork carries out a project in Huasheng China with the installation of 4 standard impulse burners in a windbox. Each burner 17 MW and NG on.

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