Cogeneration plant - Singapore







Upstream oil & gas

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This cogeneration plant with five direct-fired boilers is intended for burning various additional waste streams, partly gases and partly liquids. The customer had to reduce the emission levels to comply with the latest regulations. It also encountered heavy fouling and recurring boiler damage, resulting in reduced availability of the installation.


Our engineers assessed the situation and advised on the retrofitting of 5 boilers, including engineering, production and managing the on-site assembly of burners and boiler parts. The existing boilers were overhauled to optimise them for burning organic waste liquids. Key aspects of the work included:

  • Modifying boiler concept + redesign and replacement of the burners
  • Design and supply of the natural gas firing system
  • Improving the Economiser concept, including redesign and replacement
  • Replacing the existing relay-based BMS by an SIL 3-certified failsafe PLC based system


  • Handles 8 different fuel types for combustion in the same burner
  • Reliable steam supply
  • Incineration of waste streams in full compliance with emission regulations
  • Less fouling and improved cleaning