Excellence in construction, operations & maintenance to realize ambitions in the full hydrogen value chain.

Asset performance

Hydrogen is an essential part of the energy mix of the future. Compared to electricity, it is easier to store and more transportable, it can achieve higher temperatures and can be used as a building block to create green fuels and chemicals. The biggest challenge is getting the whole supply chain moving, right from production, through storage and transportation on to the final industrial users. All components have to be in place and performing reliably.  

Full lifecycle services

We are ready to support the full hydrogen supply chain as the partner that provides safe and cost efficient construction, maintenance and turnaround services. This can start very early by supporting overall hydrogen roadmap development and technology selection and providing O&M input into designs to ensure minimal lifecycle costs. If required, we also develop novel equipment for this up & coming industry. 

How we make the difference!

One-stop shop Whether advisory, management or actual execution, we can support you to achieve your business goals.
Integrated By executing diverse scopes of work as one team, we can minimize interface risks and lower execution costs.
Safety Our safety performance is industry reference.
Expertise Building on 150+ years of O&M knowledge, we can keep your assets running at peak performance.
Innovation We keep looking out for new solutions to drive down cost, enhance safety, reduce carbon footprints and enable faster execution.
Recorded webinarHydrogen production: the OPEX dimension

With soaring gas & electricity prices, OPEX is more than ever a key factor in hydrogen production. The impact of O&M should also not be under-estimated: in order to achieve the industry’s rapid growth, new O&M concepts need to be embraced.

Recorded webinarWhat color H2 is best suited for you?
Various Hydrogen production methods - each tagged with a ‘color’ – are available and new ones are being developed to further drive down costs. Are they all equal, or will only a few technologies dominate this industry? And more importantly: which is best for you?
BlogBoilers and burners in hydrogen plants
Hydrogen is now in increasing demand as a fuel for generating heat or electricity. The combustion systems that are needed for this production process differ from traditional systems that run on fossil fuels (such as natural gas).

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