Specialist cleaning

By taking care of scale, sand, waste and other contaminants during turnarounds, facilities can continue to run smoothly.

Contaminant removal

As part of turnaround and decommissioning scopes, equipment needs to be efficiently and effectively cleaned. This could be to:

  • Allow effective inspection (e.g. remove scale),

  • Reinstate the equipment functionality (e.g. remove sand from inlet separators)

  • Remove unwanted elements that were encountered in the course of work (e.g. NORM, asbestos).

Cleaning excellence

With over 30 years of industry experience, we are ready to deliver a wide range of industrial cleaning scopes. We typically start off with an assessment so that we understand what can be encountered and specify the right course of action.

Subsequently, we have a suite of innovative equipment, expert operatives and processes in-house to actually execute the scopes as well. Due to the diverse nature of this business, we can call on specialist partners to help execute the work if required.   

How we make the difference!

One-stop shop Our wide array of solutions, ensures that you are optimally served.
Cost-effective Our multidiscipline and well-equipped teams are well positioned to execute your work. 
Safety Uncompromising commitment to safety by the whole team.
Fully compliant All projects are undertaken in accordance with the highest industry standards, including Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (CAR2012) and HSE Approved Codes of Practice & Guidance Notes.
Extensive track record Long history of successfully delivering cleaning projects in both on and offshore environments.

Proven expertise in cleaning & decontamination

Client referenceSpecialist cleaning
Stork was contracted to complete specialist cleaning works on six heat exchangers.
Client referenceCaisson Cleaning & Inspection
Stork worked with the latest technology to bring a proven, safety-certified solution to our client
Client referenceNon-Destructive Testing - Conductor Inspection & Cleaning
Stork team delivered a scope report in a timely manner and recommendations on how to extend caisson integrity were provided.
Client referenceCaisson Cleaning & Inspection | Remote Visual Inspection (RVI)
Stork was contracted by a major Operator to deliver a full caisson cleaning and inspection workscope on a platform in the UKCS
Client referenceNorth Sea Operator - Specialist Cleaning
Stork was approached to carry out a full internal recoat of the C-2001 TEG Contactor on a major North Sea operator's FPSO. Scaffolding is traditionally used for this type of activity; however, the limited space inside the Contactor meant an alternative access method was required to deliver the workscope.

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