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Stork was challenged to inspect and clean a 144 meter long conductor on a North Sea offshore platform in December 2014. The objective was to evaluate the condition of the conductor to ensure its integrity and confirm its conformance with HSE legislative standards.


Stork’s Specialist Inspection team developed a bespoke solution to meet specific client requirements. High Pressure Water Jetting was carried out prior to inspection in order to remove marine growth from the conductor walls to better facilitate inspection readings. Due to the nature of the project, Ultrasonic Testing equipment was used to deliver the inspection. The ultrasonic testing technology provided wall thickness readings for the full length of the conductor in clear 2D imagery. Following inspection, the Stork team delivered a scope report in a timely manner and recommendations on how to extend caisson integrity were provided.


Using a range of Inspection and Non-Destructive Testing equipment to carry out the inspection, Stork provided valuable information on the condition of the conductor. As a result, the Operator was satisfied that the platform conductor was in good condition and therefore no further inspection services or repairs were required on this scope, assuring integrity.

Project details

Workscope: Caisson cleaning and inspection services

Equipment: High Pressure Water Jetting, Ultrasonic Testing inspection

Date: 2014

Safety: Project delivered with no lost time incidents and within budget