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We deliver a comprehensive range of design, upgrades, installation and maintenance packages.
Metal piping
Full suite of services to manufacture piping systems and ensure pipe integrity.
Composite piping
Engineering, fabrication, installation, inspection & repair of composite piping. 
Valve services
Full range of services for reliable control, on-off and safety valve performance.
Bolting & tensioning
Good flange management makes the difference between a care-free production and an unsafe, leaking facility.
Cutting, grinding, bevelling, lapping, honing, turning, milling, line boring, drilling, 3D printing … We provide the full range.
Heat treatment
Full suite of services to efficiently reduce stress and enhance material properties. 

Proven expertise in mechanical & piping services

Client referenceHeat Treatment Services - TAQA
Stork were initially contracted to provide two separate workscopes prior to a planned shutdown on TAQA’s North Cormorant. This included, heat treatment to nozzles on a vessel and the application of pre and post heat treatment to pipework. 
WhitepaperJourney to mechanical integrity systems
A properly implemented Mechanical Integrity System is a key pillar of Asset Performance Management (APM) that can improve process safety and productivity through an optimized usage of assets.
NewsIn line with our integrity strategy, Stork is accredited by ASME
As part of our quality and asset integrity strategy, Stork Colombia has achieved a certification from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) to perform construction and repair of boilers and pressure vessels licensed for the use of S,U,R stamps.
BlogSmart maintenance with Virtual and Augmented Reality requires new skills from mechanics
What skills are required for technicians when using Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR&VR) applications in maintenance activities in the industry? This is the core question that we try to answer from the WCM Smart Maintenance Skills lab. 

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