Integrity engineering

Selecting the right inspection regimes, to achieve the desired plant reliability.

Asset integrity

Avoiding unplanned downtime, enhances the safety of personnel, protects the environment, reduces expensive reactive maintenance costs and increases continued production revenues. 

Optimal inspection planning

By applying methodologies like Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) and Risk based Inspections (RBI), we select the right inspection techniques to achieve optimum life-cycle cost. Per asset choices are made between decay, reactive, planned, proactive and predictive maintenance strategies. 

How we make the difference!

Field experience  

Having worked in the field, our experts can apply this experience. 

Quality assured Proven knowledge, skills, experience, competency, and breadth of capability for a quality assured integrity service.
Integrity assured Comprehensive asset integrity services that assure asset integrity, while reducing cost, risk and unplanned downtime.
Comprehensive offering Total integrity management service and specialist niche applications to your specific project requirements.

Proven expertise in integrity engineering

Client referenceMechanical Integrity Inspection Program
Stork has assembled a professional, experienced team to work closely with Freeport LNG in developing RBI computer assessments, static equipment and piping inspection management plans and plant design life Corrosion Monitoring in compliance with applicable regulations, codes and best practices.

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