Asset health analytics

Predictive maintenance techniques to reduce unplanned downtime and limit reactive maintenance costs. 

Avoiding unplanned downtime

The weakest link breaks the chain. Asset owners need to have a full overview of their asset's health, making optimal usage of all the data they have at their disposal. In this way, they can enhance the safety of personnel, protect the environment, reduce expensive reactive maintenance costs and earn continued production revenues.  

Data analytics

Our experts help you collect the right data, model and subsequently analyse it, making use of powerful big data analytics tools such as MTell (AspenTech), Predict (GE) and Asset Monitor (IBM). We support you in finding 'failure signatures' specific to your equipment and systems and in that way help avoid unplanned downtime.

Often we can also identify optimal maintenance schemes that actually reduce your maintenance costs. 

How we make the difference!

Failure mechanism knowledge 

We have a thorough understanding of failure mechanisms; an essential ingredient to predictive maintenance. 

Big data analytics We understand how big data analytics supports predictive maintenance.

Proven expertise in asset performance management

WebinarMaintenance maturity and APM 4.0
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WebinarLiving lab 'Zeelandbrug'
Hear about the digital transformation and predictive maintenance pilot of the longest bridge in the Netherlands, the 'Zeelandbrug'.

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