Maintenance maturity and APM 4.0



60 minutes


Shawn Larson | Certified Maintenance
Michael Brooks | Global Director APM

Maintenance maturity and asset performance management 4.0 (APM 4.0)

As predictive and prescriptive analytics become better understood across industries, companies are putting new focus on maintenance maturity and the use of digital technologies. They’re realizing that having a robust maintenance program means leveraging APM technology—and their data—to the fullest advantage.

Join our experts and gain valuable insights into the myths and truths of APM and maintenance maturity. Hear how APM 4.0 is the key to achieving that next level in your maintenance—and that it doesn’t have to be cost prohibitive. You’ll learn how together Stork and AspenTech® can help you:

  • Prevent equipment breakdowns by adjusting the process, eliminating damage-causing behavior
  • Plan safe and environmentally incident-free service and repair
  • Improve asset availability with contemporary maintenance practices
  • Demonstrate quick return-on-investment and then scale enterprise-wide – with proven management of as many as 100 assets in 100 days!

See how leading companies are using APM technologies and best practices to achieve maintenance maturity as part of their digital transformation. 

Our presenters

Certified Maintenance

Shawn Larson

Shawn is a Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional with over 25 years’ experience in maintenance management, reliability engineering, mechanical engineering, and project management. He provides overall leadership of all maintenance and reliability activities.  His experience includes planning and scheduling, maintenance work flow processes, PM and PdM optimization, asset criticality assessment, asset maintenance strategy development, performance metrics, capital spares procurement, power distribution management, and engineering design review.  

Global Director

Michael Brooks

Michael (Mike) Brooks is the Global Director of APM (Asset Performance Management) Solutions at Aspen Technology, inc. Previously, he was COO of Mtell, with pioneered machine learning for managing the health of industrial equipment. Brooks was a Venture Capital Executive with Chevron Technology Ventures and held executive roles at five industrial information management startups. He spent much of his career in advanced control/automation, planning/scheduling, and industrial IT project management at Esso and Chevron.

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