Blades & components

Critical spare parts for rotating equipment with short lead times and warranted high quality  

Minimized downtime

In case critical rotating equipment is undergoing maintenance, spare parts can form a bottleneck to get it back up & running as fast as possible.

Furthermore, should a certain failure be reoccurring, an alternative solution may need to be considered rather than reinserting a like-for-like part. In that way, downtime can be reduced, both now and in the future.

Critical spare part support

Regardless of your equipment OEM (GE / Nuovo Pignone, ABB / Alstom Power, Siemens / Westinghouse, Solar, Fiat Avio, …), we are ready to support you with critical spare parts. We can:

  • Support OEM’s to meet service expectations.
  • Manufacture spare parts from a database of re-engineered parts.
  • 3D scan unique parts, re-engineer and manufacture them quickly with our team of experts.
  • Upgrade designs, enhancing longevity and performance.
  • Deliver spare parts of common gas turbine models from stock.

How we make the difference!


Our turnaround is unrivalled in the industry, making use go-to company for OEMs, ISPs and asset owners for critical spare parts. 

Highest quality

We provide full warranties, fully confident of our quality.

Competitive pricing

We are committed to building a long-term relationship.

Uniquely qualified

Being one of the largest independent blade suppliers in the world, combined with our rich history gives us a unique position to engineer, re-engineer and even upgrade parts.

Proven expertise in turbomachinery blades & components

Client referenceParsons Brazed Blade Packets
Stork manufacturing of approximately 1200 segments of (redesigned) blade packets in numerous operations and divided over several stages, this under tight time constraints (5 months).
Client referenceFranco Tosi Steam Turbine Blades
Reverse Engineered, Manufactured and Assembled the new HP blades within three weeks. 
Client referenceDresser Rand Steam Turbine Blades
Stork Turbo Blading supplied all seven rows of blades within the agreed timeframe, where stages six and seven needed a partial redesign.
Client referenceStork redesigns LP Row 4 rotor blades
Stork redesigned the  rotor blades wiith several design changes, to constantly monitor the effects that minute changes in the design apply to the Eigen-Frequencies as well as peak stress levels within the components.

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Short video on the capabilities of Stork Turbo Blading in Sneek 

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