Franco Tosi Steam Turbine Blades



Ras Laffan Power Company (RLPC)


Middle East



Associated capabilities


For a major overhaul of a steam turbine, the customer required technical assistance. Stork was contracted to supervise the inspection and to deliver and assemble one stage of LP steam turbine rotor blades. All activities were to be executed on site as the rotor was not allowed to leave the premises. The lead time had to be kept to a minimum in order to limit production downtime as much as possible.


Initial inspection showed that the last stage of the HP rotor also required new blades due to corrosion, wear and several root cracks. Stork Reverse Engineered, Manufactured and Assembled the new HP blades within three weeks. Once the new rotor blades were fitted, one of stork's turbo machinery specialists balanced the rotor in-situ, resulting in minimal downtime and optimal performance.


• Removal of existing blades

• Cleaning of the grooves

• NDT on root groove by means of dye penetrant

• On-site 3D optical scanning for reverse engineering

• Manufacturing of new HP rotor blades

• Assembly of new blades

• In-situ balancing by specialist

• Supervision of the major overhaul

• Unexpected repairs executed in a very short timeframe, resulting in minimal impact on downtime

• Reverse engineering, manufacturing and assembly of blades all intercompany, resulting in high quality and fast delivery

• No transport of the rotor

• Highly skilled field service supervisors

The Ras Laffan Power Company project is an excellent example of the benefits Stork can deliver to its customers by having the complete Turbo Machinery portfolio in-house including services and parts delivery.

Project details

OEM / Machine Type:  Franco Tosi High Pressure Steam Turbine

Output (MW) :   200 (total HP/IP/LP)

Project Type:   Reverse Engineering & Manufacturing

Project Lead Time:   3 Weeks (including in-situ 3D scanning, manufacturing & assembly)

Product:  HP Rotor Blade L-0 including rolled & pocketed shroud segments

Material(s):  17-4PH Cond. H1150 (W-no. 1.4542)

Role Stork:  Main Contractor

Partners:  Tebodin Engineering

Major Subcontractors:   Wiko, Rombouts, Sikla